Nettle Stinging Leaf, Organic

Nettle Stinging Leaf, Organic

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Organic Stinging Nettle Leaf is a superb organic product with a black out, yet herbaceous fragrance. Its flavor is lovely and herbaceous, with a marginally intense, somewhat salty taste. Vex is utilized as a part of nourishment, customary cures, as a fiber source, a color plant and a reviving spring tonic. Our mass stinging weed leaf is genuine guaranteed and non-lighted.

Stinging nettle is perpetual herb beginning in Eurasia, however now naturalized over a great part of the world. Its numerous archived utilizes, from as far back as the Bronze Age, prompted its seed being conveyed to various districts by pilgrims, where the plant soon got away development. The sum of the plant is significant - leaves, seeds and roots.

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